Dot Goddard is a scattered-brained, neglected, gum-chewing seven-year-old girl with a big imagination and a passion for obsessively wearing gloves and mittens. She has an extremely hyper personality while her twin sister, Karen, is child genius, mastering the college world and earning several degrees and scholarships. Karen has even led NASA expeditions which has earned her the love and approval of her parents who resent Dot for not being as gifted. Dot's parents, Ron and Wesley Goddard, are proud of Karen, but treat Dot like she's non-existent and with contempt, with child abuse and endangerment. Ron has been arrested for a DUI and attends Alcoholics Anonymous.

Karen genuinely cares about Dot, while her parents don't, especially her father. In one skit, Ron called a doctor to prescribe drugs for ADD, and he desperately wants her to drug Dot. In another skit, when a man comes to see how the Goddards home school Karen, Dot is locked outside, knocking on the door. The man asks, "Who is that?", and Ron answers, "That's one of the neighbor kids".

Dot keeps mentioning irrelevant things, but gets really shy when expected to talk, such as when she was on Oprah. She fidgets where she is and says "Why is everyone looking at me?" When the doctor comes to observe Dot to see if she really needs ADD drugs, Dot asked the doctor if she knew the devil. When asked why, Dot states she's ready to make a deal. Dot treats God and Jesus as her friends, while the rest of her family shows no belief. Dot also believes in Santa Claus, witches and magic.

Dot does many random things and sometimes hurting herself. In one skit she pretended she was a strand of spaghetti, and checks if she's "ready" by throwing herself into a wall. In another skit, Dot was getting a box from the cabinet above the counter in the kitchen, and fell off, hitting the floor. Karen asks her if she's okay, while her parents don't care at all, saying "She'll be fine".