Yvoone Criddle is a character in MADtv. She is an insane, evil woman who speaks with a monotone voice.

Yvoone takes severe revenge on people who do small things to her.

She has no regard for common decency and displays extreme responses to the most minor inconveniences, trying to justify her actions.

Yvoone uses almost every gap in conversation to repeat her point.

Yvoone appeared in season 10 and 11. She appeared in two sketches total in episodes 1010 and 1117.

She is portrayed by Daniele Gaither.


  • Her name can also be spelled "Yvonne Criddle", "Yvonne Kriddle", etc.
  • Based on her two appearances, her wardrobe consists of strange shirts, all of which depict flowers.
  • Though Yvoone is despicable, she is an extremely honest and calm person who has no problem telling authorities all about what she has done and believes herself to be innocent. When being punished for her actions, she presents no resistance whatsoever (and always argues about the situation to herself (or to other people), thus proving that she's crazy).